Learning Outcomes


  • Reading: 70% rate by the academic year 2016-17
  • Writing: 80% rate by the academic year 2016-17
  • Math: 70% rate by the academic year 2016-17
  • Critical Thinking: 75% rate by the academic year 2016-17

All rates as defined below. These goals were established in 2014.


  • 2007, 2010, and 2013 Student Surveys conducted by SRJC Office of Institutional Research. These visualizations are based on responses to question 35, which asked the students to self evaluate their gains on various academic outcomes. Only the responses from the students who took at least 16 units and had not earned a college degree are included here. The survey question was "to what extent do you think your SRJC education so far has contributed to your knowledge, skills and abilities in the following areas:"
    • Writing Skills (WRITING)
    • Reading Comprehension Skills (READING)
    • Performing Mathematical Operations (MATH)
    • Locating, analyzing, evaluating, and synthesizing relevant information (CRITICAL THINKING)


  • Institutional student learning outcomes are the knowledge, skills and abilities that all students are expected to improve upon as a result of taking courses at SRJC. Institutional Learning Outcomes are assessed in various ways, the most comprehensive being the SRJC Student Survey, conducted every three years since 2001. The results of the last three surveys are included here.
  • The students who earned at least 16 units at SRJC and who do not have a college degree yet are expected to have been impacted by exposure to SRJC instruction and services in a way that would have the greatest effect on these particular learning outcomes and thus this group was selected for this study.
  • The  goals were established by the Strategic Planning Group. The goal completion level is indicated by oak leaves color as follows:
    • needs work
    • half done
    • almost done
    • completed


Additional Data

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