Town Hall Notes and Recordings

Here you will find recordings, presentations and information to previous Strategic Planning Town Hall Meetings.   

Strategic Planning Town Halls


Strategic Plan Kick Off

The Strategic Planning Kick-Off meeting provided attendees with an overview of the strategic planning process and a review of the 2014-19 SRJC Strategic Plan. The town hall included a review of data used to scan local trends that can inform the development of our 2022-27 Strategic Plan.

February 11, 2022


Mission, Vision, Values

The Mission, Vision, Values meeting will review the current Mission, Vision, and Values statements. Meeting participants have an opportunity to provide input and suggestions on developing new Mission, Vision, and Value statements for the 2022-27 Strategic Plan.

February 25, 2022


Categorized SP Mission
Categorized SP Vision
Categorized SP Values
Breakout Conversation Group 3
Breakout Conversation Group 5
Breakout Conversation Group 5(was Grp 6)
MVV Breakout 4 (2)
MVV Breakout 5
MVV Breakout 1
Survey Notes

Strategic Plan Structure

The Strategic Plan Structure town hall provides participants with a recap of the new Mission, Vision, and Value statements. The town hall will also discuss how the new statements should be used to inform the structure of the 2022-27 strategic plan (initiatives, objectives, and key performance indicators).

March 11, 2022 Agenda
Report on Draft Mission, Vision, and Values Statement

The Strategic Planning Coordinating Committee will use this meeting to present the draft Mission, Vision, and Values statements. We will review the process used to develop the draft statements and listen to comments from town hall attendees.

May 13, 2022

Draft Mission, Vision, Values